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ABB Business Solutions

At ABB Optical Group, we are more than just a contact lens distributor. We’re here to help you stay competitive in an ever-changing industry by offering more services, more solutions and more product choices that can be tailored to the specific needs of eye care practices.  Let us be your partner in ensuring the success of your practice.

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Why ABB Business Solutions?

As your go-to consultant, we get to know your business – allowing us to offer solutions to help you grow. 

Our solutions allow you to make well-informed and impartial business decisions.

COMPREHENSIVE ANALYTICS – make well-informed business decisions through comprehensive real-time data.

ENHANCED SERVICES – strengthen your competitive edge with staff educational tools and training.

DASHBOARD DATA – measure and track performance, identify growth opportunities and forecast future trends.

ONLINE CL REORDERING FOR YOUR PATIENTS – give customers an ordering solution that can be seamlessly integrated into your own website.

ABB Business Solutions

VisibleBliss Phoropter Mask

New! VisibleBliss Phoropter Mask

It’s protection from coughs and contaminants that’s revolutionizing PPE—providing greater Protection, Performance, and Ease of Use during eye exams. Each single-use, recyclable VisibleBliss Phoropter Mask attaches directly to the device, eliminating patient contact with the phoropter and protecting you from your patient’s breath. Designed to prevent fogging of the phoropter lenses, VisibleBliss helps improve refraction accuracy.

Yourlens Reordering Website

When you join ABB Optical Group you gain access to, a website that allows your patients to order contact lenses online directly from you.  Having an online presence not only helps keep the online competitors at bay but it also drives revenue, increases patient retention and provides another level of patient service to make it easy to do business with you, their trusted eye care provider.

ABB AutoShip

ABB AutoShip

ABB AutoShip is part of the ABB Yourlens online ordering platform and is an automated soft contact lens re-order platform that allows your patients to pay for and receive their contact lenses with shipping options of their choice. By providing convenience and flexibility to your patients, ABB AutoShip can increase your practice’s efficiency, profitability, and patient loyalty.

ABB Analyze, Powered by GLIMPSE

ABB Analyze, Powered by GLIMPSE

ABB Analyze is an analytics platform that offers customized business dashboards designed to help practice owners efficiently measure and track performance. ABB Analyze enables you to make strategic decisions based on your practice’s data, allowing you to maximize growth opportunities, forecast future trends, and anonymously compare results among peers.

ABB Verify, Powered by AffinityAnalytics

ABB Verify, Powered by AffinityAnalytics

Your patients are leaving money on the table. Make sure they spend it with you. ABB Verify helps drive patients to return to your practice by maximizing their current vision benefits.



ABB Optical Group has further supplemented its business solutions with EyecareLive, the exclusive telemedicine partner of ABB. This HIPAA compliant platform equips ABB customers with the ability to offer robust telehealth services to their patients with ease and expand patient’s access to care.

What Our Customers Are Saying:

The need for an online presence was clear. The team at ABB Optical Group provided us with an almost instantaneous solution. In 30 days since being open, we have received $6,500 in sales from our online store. ABB is a valued partner to the ECP and especially to independents like me.

SATISFIED YOURLENS.COM CUSTOMER — Justin Tenczar, Director of Optical at Berkshire Eye Center
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