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ABB Labs proudly provides eye care professionals with superior products, extraordinary service and the fastest turnaround times in the industry. As a fully automated laboratory network, we feature multiple fabrication lines, extensive on-site AR coating labs, as well as lens finishing centers.

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About ABB Labs


We’ve fabricated over 7 million pairs of digital lenses since 2007.


The ABB Labs employees have over 600 years of combined experience.

Why ABB Labs?

We are proud to deliver superior products and extraordinary service with a fast turn-around to eye care professionals.

Our lab network offers eye care professionals the best quality with the fastest turnaround time.

FASTEST TURN-AROUND TIMES – most uncut with or without AR orders placed by 12pm EST will be processed same day and shipped for next day delivery. Data & Business Insights To Inform Your Decisions

SUPERIOR PRODUCTS – we fabricate a wide selection of brand-name digital and conventional lens designs, as well as our own proprietary products.

INNOVATIVE PORTFOLIO – we offer a vast and innovative line of products, including fast Digital Mirror Solutions, vibrant eye-catching polarized mirror lenses, and the Blue Light Control Strategy of AR coatings and lens materials for blue light protection.

LAB NETWORK – this connectivity leverages our people, our processes, and our platform to create value at every level to enable continued support of eye care practitioners.

EXTRAORDINARY SERVICE – continuous improvement and a culture of service, knowledge, and employee development provides industry leading advantages and flexibility to meet the needs of your changing environment.

Our Brands

ABB Labs, SEIKO, Shamir and Unity products.

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Lab Services

Every lens is digitally fabricated to the slightest variation in prescription, face measurement, and frame design. The result is eyewear that is truly personalized to your patients’ needs and lifestyles.

ABB Labs, SEIKO, Shamir and Unity

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ABB Labs Catalog

We’re 100 percent committed to providing superior products, fast turnaround and extraordinary service. And this is where you can easily search and sort the products and services that your practice needs.

ABB Stock Lenses (Ophthalmic)

ABB Stock Lenses (Ophthalmic)

Our portfolio of stock ophthalmic lenses includes a comprehensive listing of both brand-recognized and value products, available in stock and at different price points for both the eye care professional and patient. Consolidate stock ophthalmic lens orders with soft contact lens orders and save on shipping charges to your office.

SEIKO, SOMO, Essilor, Hoya and BluTech